Creating a RayGun Character

RayGun is based on the FUDGE System. If you are not familiar with the FUDGE system, look here: Fudge in a Nutshell

There are 6 attributes in RayGun:
Brawn (BRN): Measure of Physical strength.
Brains (BRA): Measure of Quickness of wit and problem-solving.
Psychic Reservoir (PSR): Measure of innate psychic integrity.
Agility (AGL): Measure of speed of reaction and reflexes.
Thickness (THK): Measure of capacity for injury / resilience
Fanciness (FNC): Measure of social grace, charisma

The attributes by default are at Fair (0). You have 4 free levels to increase any attribute. The cost of raising levels from fair is as below:

+3 Superb
+2 Great
+1 Good
0 Fair
-1 Mediocre
-2 Poor
-3 Terrible

So, to go from Fair to Great, you’d have to spend 2 of your 6 levels. You may also take the level down below fair to gain levels to spend on other attributes; for instance, if you went from Fair to Poor, you would then have 2 more levels to spend.

Once you’ve adjusted your attributes, pick the race you would like to be. There are three pre-established races, or you can randomly create a new race.

Pre-Established Races

  • Terran
  • Gray (Martian)
  • Robots

Creating a RayGun Character

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